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Reserved Directories

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As you set up your site you will need to decide where to put different files and how to organize your directories. There are a couple of directory names you should not use. Apache is the server level program responsible for displaying webpages. Within the configuration file for Apache there are a couple of Aliases that it uses for directories. These are /manual/ and /icons/.


Because of this you should not use these names for any directories. If you have a file called mypage.html in a directory called /manual and type in http://******/manual/mypage.html then Apache will look it's own directory for mypage.html and since there is no page with that name there it will return a 404 Page Not Found Error. The same would be true for /icons/mypage.html or /icons/myimage.gif.


The solution is to use a different name for these directories, perhaps mymanual or myicons.

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