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Nightly Backup Script?


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Hi all!


I was wondering if anyone here knows of a backup script that could be run on TCH shared servers that would allow me to backup a site and have that file sent to somewhere like Gmail or some other solution. I have one site that I really need to make sure I have a current backup file of and at the moment I really don't have time to do the backup manually all the time.


I also am not sure what the best solution is to send say a 100MB file to somewhere for safekeeping till I can download it to my local system? Does gmail allow for that big of a file? Or is there some other option?


Thanks for any help you can give!

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Thanks guys!


I will try that.


Is there a script that will back up the images and PHP and HTML, basically a public_html backup and send it somewhere?


Would this work for a Joomla! powered site as well?

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Not sure if there is a script/automatic backup solution for the whole home backup but but for a regular joomla site, the dbsender should work since its in the database all the info/content is stored.


The static files you probably already have somewhere on your local computer and should only be needed to be backed up when you change/update your theme or upgrading/patching the installation.

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Yes you are right! Since content is in the DB for a Joomla! site then that would work. And yes, all image files would be on a local drive.


I think this just might do the trick for a few sites I have.


I very much apprecaite the info!



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Oh and Thomas... I saw something about having to set up a CRON job. Do these work? I thought CRON jobs on servers were disabled some time ago.



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No, Cron jobs works well and needed for dbsender as I understand.


>/usr/bin/php -q /home/CPANELNAME/dbsender/dbsender.php

should do the trick. Dont forget to change CPANELNAME.


Also, when uploading dbsender.php, upload it to a folder called "dbsender" outside your public_html and set the permission of the folder to 770.

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Hi all,

this is my first post here.

I'm looking for this script too.

Basically, I'm not the owner of the site, but I'm delegated to create the backups for the databases.

I've created the script for the backup, but I got no telnet access to modify the crontab.

Can I modify the cron only via cPanel?


Thanks in advance.



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