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Bad Experience, Customer For A Couple Years

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So, I got an email that TCH will be restoring the server my website is on. I got this email Oct 28 at 9:07AM and now, on Oct 29 2:55PM (add an hour too cause of time change) my website is still offline, even though last night the server was succesfully restored.


I submitted a help desk ticket and got a response that said: "we're looking into this issue" and they put my ticket "on hold".


I really don't like the way TCH has handled this server restore for a number of reasons:


1. Bad Communication - They informed me that within 2-4 hours my server will be restored. I got the email on my handheld and since I wasn't home, I couldn't backup any information. And so essentially lost anything that I put on or changed since TCH did their own backup. (I'd expect to be given some time to do my own back-up... assuming of course the server was not that messed up that I would be unable to do so.)


2. Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep - The email stated "total downtime for this event should be under 6 hours, however we are setting a maintenance window of 12 hours for this event." It's been over 12 hours and my website is still offline and my ticket which is "on hold". My website is also an ecommerce website and so I'm essentially losing money when my website is offline.


3. Support - Keep me updated with what's going on. They did this with the server restore giving a percentage it was complete. But I'd like to have an update in the ticket I submitted. Saying "this is the problem, we are fixing it". At this point I don't know what is going on - or if they are even looking into the problem. I guess this goes back to bad communication. And when you answer me in a support ticket, tell me a little more and follow up. The feeling I got was I was simply "put on hold" and not being given an answer after a couple of hours to something that I have marked "Urgent".


In the past, I've been very happy with TCH's service and support. I understand that things like this happen. But I did not like the way it was handled and still being handled. In my opinion this as well as the other complaints about this incident do not reflect well on TCH and TCH should try to improve this situation.

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I'm sorry you're not happy, we are doing our best.



1. Bad Communication - They informed me that within 2-4 hours my server will be restored.


We needed to do these issues urgently, ideally we would have liked a lot more notice to, unfortunatly we couldn't really - so we did the best that we could in the timescale, and send out emails as soon as we knew we would be working on your server.


We could have possibly delayed it until Monday, but that would have upset more people.


2. Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep


We expected the work to be done within 6 hours, yes it took a little longer, but most sites were up and running well within the 12 hour window we set.



3. Support - Keep me updated with what's going on.


You can reopen your ticket and ask at any point. There was a problem with getting the latest backup on-line. we put tickets on hold whilst we were attempting to get that backup online and sort out a couple of other issues.


Please reopen the ticket and ask for an update. If it's about the site in your ID, that's loading for me now.

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TCH, IMHO, is doing a fantastic job. With other companies, you wouldn't probably even get the notification, let alone a timely response to an inquiry. I understand your concern about your ecommerce site. However, the techs require AT LEAST a couple hours of sleep each week! :P

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In regards to the Head Guru's reply here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=30246


I don't think I'm blind. As before when I clicked on the link from the email I got, I recieved a message that no such file exists and that it was deleted or moved and to contact the administrator. I did a search for this thread and looked at my last posted items to find this thread. I couldn't. Please don't accuse me of being blind when in fact you did delete the thread and now you posted it back - but having deleted haejin's reply. Yes, it's censorship. And my point of in the thread linked above stands. How can I trust other reviews here now?


There was a reply in this thread that isn't here anymore.

This reply was a negative review of TCH.


In fact, here's the email notification of that reply:


haejin has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "Bad Experience, Customer For A Couple Years".

The topic can be found here:

There may be more replies to this topic, but only 1 email is sent per board visit for each subscribed topic. This is
to limit the amount of mail that is sent to your inbox.


You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your control panel and clicking on the "View Subscriptions" link.


The TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums team.

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Your kidding right? This is a big joke and everyone is going to laugh out loud for like an hour? Give me a break.. We pay on average around here like 5 bucks a month. What does that work out to be, like 20 cents a day. Jesus, you can not even buy a cup of coffee for that. This makes me laugh when I see these types of posts.


I sit here and think outloud, wow. For $5.00 a month my site has been up for over 3 years and each month alertra tells me it has over 99.9% uptime. I have been hosted here for over 3 years, in that time I have had some issues with email and one issue with a file I could not delete from my site. Each time I have ever asked for help, they have bent over backwards to help me. If you really stop and think about this. If I submit one ticket and a tech that makes say like ten bucks an hour takes 30 minutes to work on my ticket., well totalchoice goes broke. You can bet me that they dont like having issues anymore than anyone else does.


You act as if these forums are "yours" to be controlled and run by your rules. The way I see it, totalchoice owns these forums and if they want to censor them, well they should be able to. But like bill kish told you your thread was not deleted. I read the damn thing when you posted it and its still there.


I think you should take your "money making" e-commerce site and go on your own dedicated server, this way you can have it all to your self and when it breaks you will see that totalchoice doesnt suck as bad as you say.


I also was on a server that was rebuilt. I got the same email you did. Big deal, they gave us a 12 hours window of down time. Personally my site was only down for 4 hours, guess you got unlucky.


My point here is this. If you want better support quit your moaning about, stop moaning and move on pal. Hell, it leaves more room on the servers for my accounts. Any time I have EVER had a problem that I want to "talk" to someone. I fire up my Instant Messenger and it takes me all of TWO FRIGGIN MINUTES to talk to either a manager or bill kish direct.


Go bark up someone elses tree, cause your not going to get any better than TCH.


3 Years and LOVING IT.

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You act as if these forums are "yours" to be controlled and run by your rules. The way I see it, totalchoice owns these forums and if they want to censor them, well they should be able to.


Good point EWJ - we (Americans especially) get used to our rights and our freedoms and sometimes forget ourselves. These forums are indeed owned by Bill and he can indeed do what he wishes with them. I've never seen him do anything out of line, though. We do enjoy the right to freedom of speech here in America, but Bill's not obligated to host the forum for us to do it in.


Even if he did censor he'd be like most other hosts out there - no wait, most other hosts don't even have a forum but if they do they would censor. Why would a business advertise negative comments about it on it's own dime? Does McDonalds put up a billboard saying "'McDonald's coffee is too hot!' - little old lady who burned herself"? Of course not. They try to sweep it under the rug. Bill's just a (huge) step above all of them by being so open and honest. Most hosting company owners don't even hang out - they just spend the money their little scheme earns them... especially the <$5.00 per month ones. We're living in a nice mansion with servants and crystal chandeliers for the price of a 1 room flat in the ghetto... at least that's how I see it.

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I expect great value for money - and I get it :)


Personally, all my tickets are answered quickly. PMs etc are not a method of support, so I never use them and can't comment. As for IM's there is usually at least one of the Guru's available.


If you think the world is better elsewhere, I suggest you go there instead of whining here.

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