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Trying To Ban An Ip - But....


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Hi! :)


For the past week, I have noticed someone from an IP of reading every. single. one. of my posts on my old blog and new (old blog is redirected here). They spend HOURS on here - it's like they never leave.


Yesterday, after making a post asking them who they were, I added them in the IP Deny Manager.


They're still there! Even this morning.


Am I looking at stats wrong? If it says they went to *insert name here* post at 12:31, and then a different post at 1:15 a.m., that means they're clicking into them, correct? And how can they still be viewing these things this morning when I banned them yesterday?


Thank you so much for any advice!



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After some extensive searching, the IP you are trying to ban is actually the IP of the search engine, Ask Jeeves or Ask as it is now known as.


Remember, when looking at the stats, make sure the time is the same as the time zone you are in.


I would not bother to ban the IP, but if you really must, consider using robots. txt too to control the path of the robot



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