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my old pc had a 200gb disc full of music and documents, so i buy a adaptor to make my old hard disk into a usb disk, wohoo ;)


but... i go to documents and setting,and my documents, then it's allegedly empty which i believe to be a windows security feature as i was system admin on that pc.


the "user" accounts are ok to get into but as they always did are empty.


is there any way i can get rid of said security :)

i want my music back!

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done that and i still get the error:



edit files are there i have set avast away to to an AV scan, and ooooh my documents!

edit2 - unchecked "read only" and other options in "properties" apply just gives me the denial message too!

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It's because you have been logging in with a password on your external hard drive when it was in your other PC. When you are using a password you have protected others from seeing the files so that only you can access your files when you are logged in. Seeing as you aren't logging into that windows installation you won't be able to access the files. Put the hard drive back into your old PC - move all important stuff out of that folder and you'll be able to copy it without problems.


Just plugging the hard drive in via IDE wouldn't solve the problem, but is always better than using USB.


Muchos Gracias,

El Phatéo

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