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Myspace And Wordpress


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I like blogging, I'll admit, hi I'm maka and I'm a blogoholic..

but blogging on myspace and my word press is always a case of type up on one or the other get the HTML and copy it.


i blog on myspace as a lot of people i know use it and that's good, i like to drum up traffic for my main blog, what would be perfect is the two to sync :)

or possibly even better if i do a "real blog" on WP myspace posts a snippet then "read more"


any ideas on how my blogging life could be made easier?

i do understand that feedburner is a tool people use but im a bit murky on what that is, i signed up but never "got it"


Thanks all :)

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Not being a huge MySpace fan (remember when it took effort to have a website?), I'd say ditch MySpace and stick with your WP blog. Make it good and you will have visitors. If you want it to be social make it a community blog. I don't know of any way to post on one and have it show up on the other anyway.

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n (remember when it took effort to have a website?)


i still have real sites i simply use myspace for a bit of fun, no one gets hurt :) im so bad i even look at profiles which are littered with ads where people have got codes from and see how badly designed a lot of them are with concern to copied code, even youtube code doesn't work properly on it.

the <object width="425" height="350"> piece of code shows as plain text


anyways as regards to WP that is my main blog, i put more on there, but topics i want everyone to hear go on the "myspazz"

looks like ill just blog on WP then blog on myspace saying click here to view my main blog :_

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As heyguy says ditch the MySpace blog especially if the content is identical.


If you can post to MySpace via email you can also do so with WP. If you created a single email and sent to both addresses both blogs would be updated.


I've never heard of posting to myspace via email, and am considering starting a blog with wordpress after reading all the feedback in here...can you please explain this idea of posting to multiple blogs using your email?

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