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Account Full?

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The account with the username '***', is running out of disk space. Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota. You have currently used 86.24% of your disk space.


What does this mean? Would this be because of some backup files? Or??? I have very little on my sites?

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It means your web space is filling up. Delete some content you are no longer using or upgrade to the next plan.


Your account not only consists of your websites, images and what not, it also includes all email being stored on the server. So if you are using webmail and saving large attachments they are counting towards your account.

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You may want to check and see how much space awstats is taking up. On two of my sites the stats always account for nearly 50% of my disk space.

If you decide to clean out your older stats I suggest opening a help desk ticket and asking a tech to do it for you.

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