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Prism 802.11g Wireless Adapter


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more questions from me...


ive googled about this adaptor, and the only problem that i read about its a connecection dropping.


cureently im trying to set up a family laptop for use on the net, we have 3 laptops and my pc. i own one of each. on mine a 1 year old acer, i get my WLAN with tip top strength.


on a 4 year old pavillion hp with a belkin usb adaptor its cool.

my PSP even connects!


but this prism 802.11g wireless adapter seems to not find a connection "no wireless networks in range" which is a lie, my router is a high power one and goes a long way, we are in this laptops case talking down a floor and about 9ft below!



any ideas how i can turn it on or make sure it works, ive run msconfif checked for device conflicts, all the usual and im am stuck! i didnt know how easy it was to set up until i hit this brick wall!

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Oh yeah, is the wireless turn on on the laptop. Newer laptops come with both a wired and wireless capabilities and you can turn the wireless on and off. Look for a button somewhere that says wireless, they come with a symbol that looks like a ball on the end of a stick with two paranthesis around it. Most light up when they are on.

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theres no button its all done via the control panel options. my personal laptop has this on the front.

i dont know what "type" of wirless it is, but its the same as the other laptops.


im trying it with a USB network adapter see what that throws open!

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hi, just an update :)

had some messages of a forum user, to see if i had fixed this.


what it is, is a terrible setup procedure, you turn the card on, once and it only goes and forgets that you actually want WLAN switched on!

to activate this you must on every system startup press FN (function) and F1

(function button on laptops is often next to the bottom left windows key)


it should beep, and display an 1980's acorn looking logo saying its on, connect to the network in the usual way an voila!

hope this will help anyone with the same issue! :D

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