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When You Hear The Beep


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ok, i may just be being stupid and noticed this for the first time ever but my laptop beeps once when i power it on, is it common for laptops and pc's to beep "on and off" sometimes beeping sometimes not.


i remember 3 beeps means somthings wrong or somthing.

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I would tend to agree with Rob, its probably nothing, or it means everything is normal.


All computers perform a Power On Self Test (POST) and the beep(s) are the results of a short diagnostic test sequence that checks that all necessary hardware is connected and functioning. To find out what these beep codes mean you have to find out which BIOS program you have (Phoenix, AMI, Etc.) and look it up on their web site.


But I would say all is fine IF you bootup and everything is running.


Now if you are saying it beeps more than once then you need to look into it.

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