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Relaying Email

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We have been hosting our own email server for as long as we have been in business. Also for that time, we have had one static IP Address provided by our DSL Provider, which was once Ameritech, then SBCGlobal and now AT&T.


Recently, a few customer sites and some subcontractor sites have started kicking back our email because SORBS has our IP Address listed in their Dynamic IP Address Range that they simply block because someone MIGHT be running a compromised Home PC in that Address Block.


Unfortunately, that completely screws us in terms of being able to send email from our server to certain customers.


I have our network locked down so that only a few internal IP Addresses can reach the outside specifically to stop any potential problems that may arise when/if a few of my users accidentally on something that they shouldn't have and end up with their machine compromised.


Anyway, SORBS isn't answering any requests I send their way and their statement of asking our ISP to put a flag stating that our particular 5 Static IP Addresses are in fact Static has been met with a "We won't do that."


So, I have a dilemna.


I will not change our firewall rules to allow our users to just access and outside email server, as I want/need to keep that protection in place.


I cannot change our MX Records, because we use an outside source for cleaning all incoming email of Spam and Virus payloads (Which works excellently I might add.) who then relays our email to our internal email server.


What I need to know is would it be possible to have our email server relay messages through our hosted site on the TCH servers?


The domain I need to do this with is www.impelind.com


This is just one of the two domains that I have hosted with TCH.



Robert Adkins

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welcome to the forums Robert :)

You will need to open a help desk ticket to get the answer.


Thanks. I will do that.

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You may want to have your customers and subcontractors contact their ISPs and voice their displeasure at them using SORBS in the first place. You could recommend they have the ISP they use check out the Wikipedia SORBS page and read how they are compared to extortionists. Some blacklists are useful but others are far more harmful than the spam is.


By the way, SORBS has blocked Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! according to the article - go figure.

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