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Hey all


Was not sure whether this should go in this forum or the script suggestions one, but as this is not a script suggestion itself I thought I would put it in here.


I am looking to introduce a WIKI to my music related forum to allow members to post up tutorials on software/hardware as well as music production etc things like that. I thought a WIKI solution would work quite well for this sort of idea, but really don't know which WIKI software to use.


I have been to opensourcecms.com and tried a few out but logging into the admin panel and seeing the front screen don't really tell me about usability/ease of use though.


Which do you suggest? Why?


I tried MediaWiki as it looked aesthetically pleasing but it needed PHP5 i think, so I could not install it.


Any help would be highly appreciated... if you do help me, we can be bestest friends like these dudes


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haha thats true about the cars


i suppose i just wanted to know what peoples experiences were with certain scripts... because iv never used wiki before and so thought if some people recommended wiki-script-x for being good for beginners then BOOOM id be there in seconds with bells on!



I tried the 2 in fantastico, wasnt overly impressed with tikiwiki to be fair.. it seemed like overkill with blog, forum, chat, etc etc, i know you can disable them all but i opened up the admin page and was faced with a huge list of tickboxes... kinda threw me a little


phpwiki i didnt like the feel of really... i know i know, im a fussy guy... :)

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sorry to flood this forum, but I feel what I have to add to this might help out people in a similar situation to me


basically, having installed mediaWiki and going "ooooh, this is the software behind wikipedia so it must be good" for about 10 minutes trying to convince myself I could use it, I really couldnt. It is very difficult to change the layout and administration itself I found very poor too. This is all coming from a very inexperienced WIKI and website design person, so those out there who are good at this sort of thing MediaWiki looks like a powerful tool.


I then went back to opensourcecms.com and tried the ones there out again, turns out I had missed one before. DokuWIKI. Dokuwiki was so easy to install, so easy to configure and I was "wiki'ing" before I knew it. Its a nice sleek, simple design.


I would DEFINATELY recommend DokuWiki to anyone out there who like me just wants a simple wiki system, which is easy to install and doesnt require any intricate knowledge



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yea i am pleased now... I like how you can allow or deny edit access in certain areas.. so for example the main page I dont want any one else touching so only I can modify it... but in the actual tutorial sections members can add new stuff or edit existing topics.


for those who are interested here is what I have been working on today:



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