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Ip Deny Manager

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It seems my board has been discovered by spammers. :huh: I try to check validating members at least twice per day and delete the ones that look like spammers but sometimes the little sneaks get through. Some are very persistant and rejoin even after being deleted. You'd think they'd get the hint!


I've noticed an "IP Deny Manager" in CPanel and wondered if I can use it to block some of these jerks. The lastest awaiting execution is



IP: mail1@medicinese.info


How would I use IP Deny Manager to put an end to vcemprevet? He/she keeps joining and I keep deleting.



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Just log in to your cPanel and go to IP deny manager. Type in and click Add. That should do it, the down side is if they are on dial-up and their IP changes all the time. You could type 66.98.212 but you would be a greater number of potential visitors.

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