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Password Protect A Page?


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Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I posted, been doing ok with all my sites but now I have a dilemma that I can't seem to figure out.

I am using CuteSite Builder 4. I have a site which will promote membership. I need to know how I can add a page that will only be accessible via a password?? I have searched and searched but am getting numb brain from all the searching, can anyone help?



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Depends how secure you want that page to be. CSB4 does not have code that allows the protection of just one page. (CSB5 did but is no longer avaiable). If you host here with TCH, there are is a quick way to protect.


The easiest way to so this is to create a second tlx design file and publish it as a subdirectory of you main website. In your website cPanel there is a SIMPLE, EASY and SECURE way to protect that subdirectory. If you have only one or many pages in that subdirectory, it won't matter. Any page in that subdirectory would require a password to enter. Once you enter the password, you can wander through the directory freely. You don't have to unlock each page!



- In CSB:

The publishing settings are the same as the main design file (same user name, password, address, etc). Then you add ONE more item. When you add a subdirectory, just check the box to publish to a subdirectory, and name the subdirectory. Publish. The name of the subdirectory will appear in your URL. For example, if you call the subdirectory members, the address would look like this: http://www.yourdowmain.com/members/ Please look at this page about making subdirectories and see the print screen of the publishing settings for reference.



Once you have published the the subdirectory, you can now set it for private viewing. Open your cPANEL Look for the feature that says "Web Protect" or "Password protect directories" (might be on your second row of cPanel icons) and click it. You will then see a list of folders on your site. Find the one you want to protect. Click it. You will get a page with options. The box at the top (Folder requires password) needs to be checked. Save it. Below you would add your user name & password combinations.

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The above method is quick and easy. It has a popup window where you type in your username and password.


For a username and password 'page' that would match your site you can do a search for 'php password protection' and you will get lots of sites that have the code so you can intigrate it into your site. How secure are they? I dunno.


Personally I don't mind the popup window version. You know it's secure and don't have to worry about code!

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Well, I got my sub-directory and the password protect works great :(

New Problem: Now I can't find the sub-directory on CSB4 in order to make changes to the pages in the sub-directory :(

I found the sub on the c-panel but can't make changes there unless I do it all via html :huh:

Isn't there any way that I can get back to these pages via CSB program?


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I know this is an old post but it's talking about what I want to try and set up on my site and before I try following the instructions, I wanted to be sure these instructions are still right.


Just to clariy what I want to accomplish. I have a public web site and want to create a members only page with multiple pages so should I follow the already given instructions?

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It turns out these instructions won't work for me. I had no idea what CSB or Trellix was and just figured it was part of my cpanel but now I see CSB is a software that builds websites and it looks as if I'm not even in the right forum for getting help.

My search for a password protect page brought me here and I never even noticed what forum I was in.

Sorry about that.

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