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Form Email Going To Spam Folders

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On my website, I have a form that someone can quickly fill out a form and send me email. It uses their email addresses and sends to my account. I use Outlook to check my emails - however, every single email that goes through this web-based form automatically gets sent to my junk mail folders.


Since every single message is generally from a different sendee, how do I tag this form so that it doesn't automatically get sent as spam?!?






My site is located at www.lunarstudio.com

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It has to be filtered based on something, just because their email address might be in the return address does not mean it is coming from their Internet account. There needs to be some commonality for them ALL to be checked as SPAM.


Did you create your form or was it a script that you found? If you can determine what is common amongst all of them you can change the filtering system within Outlook.

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Check the headers of the emails you are receiving, and you will be able to see what is common, and hence what you can filter on.


You could always set the "from" to be fixed and the "reply to" to be their email address. Then you can easily filter the incoming mail on the "from" address, but simply reply and it will start an email to their email address.

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Thanks for the tips. I will have to check later.


The two common items are:


1) Email being sent through my TCH website.

2) Using Outlook.


Other emails come through fine with Outlook addressed to my email. Just the ones through the website get consistently canned. I can't figure out how to set up a whitelist rule for this since every sendee is different.


I'll check the headers later and get back on this. Thanks again guys.

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Ok. Now I feel stupid.


Every subject is cutom/different, so where would I apply this filter and how should I address the syntax? Is there a way to add the domain 'serverXX.tchmachines.com ' to a whitelist?

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I use foms on my website but I don't allow the person filling out the form to change the subject of the email so mine are all the same and easy to filter within my email program.


If we could see the headers of one of your messages (you can *** out any private info) we could give you some ideas.

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