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Variables Passed With Url


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I’m writing page hits to a log file and I need to know the variables that are passed along with the actual php page or the results written to log file are useless.


$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] gives me the name of the file executing the script (index.php or this_page.php), but not the accompanying variables.


Is there a way to give me the variables passed through the url as well?

(For example: www.example.com/index.php?var=test)

I would like to get the “?var=test” information.

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You either need to turn Register Globals to ON or use the $_GET[varname] to access the variables you are passing.

The problem with $_GET[varname] is that you have to know the varname you're looking for. Is there no way of actually getting the information that is in the url box on the browser?

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Since you are using php check out the documentation on parse_url

Thanks for another reply.

I think that may work, but how do I actually get the url from the page I'm working on. Meaning. The url will be dynamicaly generated by what the user may select from the page before. I need to get the url that is currently being displayed.

I hope you understand what I'm asking, or am I talking in circles.

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