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Age Discrimination Law In The Uk

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In the United Kingdom... it's going to be unlawful for someone to axe you in a job becasue "your too old"


they think by 2020 a great proportion of workers will be 50+ so its financial sense apparently to keep us working.


another thing that has popped up an employee forum, companies set a youth or development rate for under 22's

if someone is doing the same job down to the tee, do you think that everyone should be paid equally.

as in effect this has been said to be age discrimination. this mainly effects "basic" jobs such as in supermarkets where a good percentage of empoyees may be students (typically 18-22) trying to make that extra couple of notes.

if the old people can make a fuss, so should the young un's surely?


in france student labor laws were changed and the french went destroying paris in a riot...

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In my opinion, age should have nothing to do with being able to work nor your pay. As long as the employee can perform the job then they should be allowed to do it, older or younger. And, equal work equal pay no matter the age, gender or whatever else they might base things off of.

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what im thinking, is id like to present this age discrim case to a union or a court or somthing, its it a valid point?


like you say

you can in jobs like british police work up the salary as experience is gained.

but in a single levek job such as retail regardless if you are 21 or 71 you still serve the same customers, are trained to the same standards and the company expects the same of you.


so in reailty is this actually age discrimination. as in the UK when you are 18 you are legally and adult, you may be arrested and sent for a custodial sentance. you may drink alchohol in licensed places.

so you are adults...


im sorry if i seem irate, but i reall do strongly feel towards thiis.

if everything was more expensive the older i was fair enough!

but it aint, £1 is still £1!!!

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First things first. You ask if it's age discrimination. Does the UK have any laws regarding age discrimination? IF not then the point is moot. It's like saying an American reporter has freedom of speech in a neighborhood in Iraq. Iraq doesn't have to recognize what we call rights.


Anyway, I definitely agree with the first part. Why should a person who does a perfectly good job be fired because they had a birthday? As we get older we become less agile, speedy, able, etc., than our younger counterparts and if we can no longer do a job fire us because of that... not the number of candles on the cake.


For the latter issue, I wouldn't think it fair to pay a 20 year old less than a 22 year old if it's a job where experience is not a real factor, such as janitorial services. Whether there is anything to be done with it under UK laws is another question.


Here's something to think about. Here in America, the poster child for freedoms and rights, in most places it is legal for a person 18 to drive a car (usually get permits about 16, but it varies from state to state) and to join the military (or be drafted if that was in effect) and potentially die for their country, but it is not legal for that person to go buy alcohol for another 3 years. I can die for my country but not buy a rum and coke? Where's the sense in that?


My point is that freedoms and rights are all a balancing act. Do you allow a person to say anything? How about disclosing national secrets or threatening the President? Do you allow a person to do anything as long as it doesn't harm others? What about suicide of a mentally ill person? What about knifing your car tires? What about drugs which leads to all kinds of other crimes... There are many areas in which freedom can not be absolute or society will fall apart.


One thing that does come to mind is that some businesses would not hire young people for a job at adult wages, but being able to pay less makes the youth better able to compete for those jobs. They actually do the same thing here - hire at a low rate and get raises as you become more experienced... it's just not formalized like in the UK based on age.


Sorry I can't be of more help, but not knowing the laws of the UK makes me only able to talk about my feelings and the situation here in the States.

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as for the age discrim law, one has come into force for older peoplem but they have left out younger people.

in this new rule they say that you cant discimiante over age, but they still keep the 2 wage bands.


i have a online petition (can i post the link) for people to sign who think theyre should be "eqaul pay for all regardless of age)

even if you aint in the uk if i can post it, i would appriciate support, i am adressing this with my companies HR department as well as the governent!

im sick of being treated as "second class" i see it the same as paying someone less cause of their race, its all still discrimination

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i have a online petition (can i post the link)
No, please don't start posting petition links in the forums.


It would be a violation of the forum guidelines.

We enforce a strict policy regarding solicitation of our members by Forum participants. Spamming the forums will lead to membership revocation. This includes the use of the Personal Messaging System and Email.
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no problem, hence me asking to avoid getting a telling off :P


hopefully i have pushed the link out via myspace and many other ways word will get round and i will present to it to "those in charge" very soon :P


things like this can make a huge difference when peoples voiced are heard!

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I'm tempted not to reply to this, as I don't really want to start the discussion here. Have you read "The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006" fully? It applies to everyone, young, old, middle aged .... it does say that all should be treated equally, irrespective of age. It does not say that it only applies to older people. If you are young and doing exactly the same job as someone aged 73, and doing it to the same standard, you should be paid the same (with a few exceptions, in both directions).


Please feel free to PM me if you want to discuss details, or to give me a link to your partition and I'll have a look and comment (or sign if I agree).


I'm very much in favor of using the power of a large number of the public to let government (or others) know where things need improving, but my understanding of the regulations (and I have read them in detail) do not fit with what you have been saying.

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and have a large word with a manager


I would hold off till you are sure you know what all the facts are.


As Andy has mentioned there are exceptions or factors that go into how much a person is paid. For instance, there is usually starting salary that one gets when you start and after a training period or length of time you get an increase. Also after a length of time and good performance you get a raise. So an older person who has probably worked there several years will of course make more than the person who has just started.


You have to compare apples to apples. Have you work the same amout of time? Have you done the same quality work? If all else is equal then the pay should also be equal.

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ive worked 2 and a half years, its a basic job there is no promotions unless you become a supervisor or manager.


the lower end of the workers are seperated in wages by age, and i dont see why we should be paid less for working more than some of the older people, there is 2 in specific that skive constantly.


not enough is done to protect younger workers, if this was my full time job i would not be to afford rent and taxes etc, whereas someone a few years older could, ahe discrimination sureley? thats what im getting at

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