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Last I heard, the going rate was still a quarter.


Wow, someones lost touch ;)


When it was my kids it was a dollar...and they are 18 and 21 now.


Now I remember my youngest and his second or third tooth. We went through the routine of putting it in a baggie (so daddy can find it easier and not wake him up) and placing it under his pillow. He was sick alot with ear infections and this was one of those nights, dad was up every hour giving him medicine to keep his fever down so he would not go into seisures (he had a tough childhood, so did dad).


Anyway, come morning he comes into the living room to wake me up on the couch, I was always close during these times and would hardly sleep worrying about him. He was holding the baggie and crying, the Tooth Fairy didn't like him cause they forgot his tooth and didn't leave him his dollar. I felt so bad. I was so busy worrying and trying to stay awake to watch him I forgot, the dollar was sitting there on the coffee table.


So, the quick thinking Dad that I am came up with the perfect excuse. It was a dreadful night all around and had been raining on and off most of the night. There was a flash and then some thunder and my way out was clear. I asked Timmy if he remembered the Peter Pan movie we watched over over again and what did Tinkerbell use to make herself and Peter fly and he said Fairy dust. I said correct. I explained that if you get fairy dust wet the wings stick together because the dust turns to mud. The Tooth Fairy didn't come cause it was raining and she couldn't fly in the rain!


Timmy smiled and walked back to his room and put the tooth under his pillow for another night. Daddy was off the hook and got to sleep another 20 minutes before he had to wake up an go to work. Timmy got his dollar that night and I never forgot again!

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Great story Bob! As for the going rate, yeah...my dad is a dutchman from the "old country". He is, even in his golden years, shall we say...frugal? Said it would make me appreciate things I have even more. At first I didn't believe him and thought he was just being cheap. But now as I'm getting up there, I can understand where he was coming from!

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Sorry, I forgot to answer the other questions.


And how many teeth are going to come out that need paying for?
They have 20 babyteeth and will lose everyone (hopefully).


Is 8 too old to believe?


Nah, I'll never grow up. :)


It depends, some kids mature faster then others. And some won't let on that they know for fear of losing an income. They learn from friends and once you find out they know you can stop the payments.

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