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Cpanel Updated?


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My cpanel build is 10.9.0 stable 35



how do I update?

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Well, great! I don't have to worry about it then.




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Actually there have been three patches released from cPanel over the past several days.


Yes, Hostgator had a good majority of there servers compromised, but it was not their fault. This was a 0-day exploit. Not even the vendor knew of the exploit so nothing could be done.


We have applied every patch that cPanel has released for this. The patchs that were released would not change the cPanel release numbers your seeing in your control panels.



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Thanks for letting us know.


I have since seen websites compromised that seemed to have been due to this exploit. In that case, it was a webhost in the UK. I haven't heard back, so don't know for sure. But all the compromised sites were on the same IP number, so the chance was excellent it was the cpanel hack.

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