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Mx Record For Google Hosted


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Hey there TCH family


i have been approved by google hosted recently to have up to 100 email addresses for my members. Google Hosted have asked me to change my MX Records over to them but I was wondering a few things before i do this:


If i do ask the techs here to set up the MX records how will this affect my sending of mail from thunderbird etc because I currently have 2 email addresses already set up for this domain, exluding the main one that comes with my domain as standard. What happens to emails sent to these addresses??


will my server settings .. i.e. mail.mydomain.com .. will those change at all?


Will I still be able to receive and send mail through thunderbird as I am doing now or will I have to change everything over to google hosted?


Also on a side note, on google.com/hosted there is an option for google page creator... in the instructions it asks to change the CNAME record for my domain


so, for example i could create a subdomain : pub.mydomain.com and I have to:


Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias:



Set the CNAME destination to the following address:




how and where do I do this? Or is this another job for the tech staff?

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I haven't looked into the new Gmail system, but you should be able to send (and receive) through thunderbird. I'm not sure of the benefits of Gmail is you are still going to upload it all using thunderbird anyway though :D


Yes, your POP3 and SMTP settings will change.


For changing the CNAME values, I would open a ticket and get the techs to do it all for you.

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thanks for your swift response i appreciate it :D


the benefit is that with google hosted I am able to provide 100 free email addresses to my site members with 2GB size limit and various other things, where my members can log in through google... at least thats what i think it is hahah...


cheers again buddy

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this can be closed if you want as I have fully transferred over to google hosted


can still send and receive quite happily through thunderbird through changing the incoming and outgoing servers to the gmail ones...


if anyone does want to do this they must bare in mind that they will need to create any of the emails they have created with cpanel with google hosted too


i.e. i had 2 email accounts:




once the MX records were transferred these no longer existed so I had to make them again in google, which wasnt hard, but its something to note!


so a moderator can close this if need be :D


cheers again for the help andy

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