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Nuke Evolution

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Hey everyone.


I was wondering if anyone here ever upgraded PHP-Nuke Platinum to Nuke Evolution?


If you did, what method did you use?

I see there are 3 different methods that could be used that involve keeping smaller or greater part of your original PNP site intact.


I'd also like to know what level of difficulty you say this procedure is and if there were any bugs/errors that occured that I should know about when doing this.


Thanks alot. :tchrocks:

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Personally I use this version of nuke, RavenNuke76 Version 2.02.02 Released which can be found at http://ravenphpscripts.com/ It has all the security features built in. The only draw back that I found with it was the nuke sentinal feature which is the security part was and early version. It was not buggy but it was very very picky. Another words way to aggressive. So I just updated the version of nuke sentinal. And no more hassles. Personally that is the only version of phpnuke I would ever consider useing. The others are just way to buggy and have security flaws. Even the new phpnuke version 8.0 is buggy with security flaws in it.

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