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Custom Cf Rulesets In .spamassassin Folder


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Hello all,


It's that time of the year, and my main email address at TCH has been hit by serious spam. I've done everything I can with the user_prefs file in the .spamassassin folder, but I would like to include custom rule sets for stock market emails with inline gifs (the bain of my life right now) as a stock.cf file in that directory, for example.


Are we set up so that it should work if I do that? Or are we restricted to putting custom rules in user_prefs...I ask because the the ruleset files I need to use are large.


Thanks!java script:emoticon(':tchrocks:',%20'smid_39')

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As far as I know, the user_prefs file is the only editable file, but you can submit a ticket to the help desk and ask them if other files can also be edited or added.


Oh ok thanks, I just didn't wanna submit a ticket if I could find answers on the forum...will do that now though.





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