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Squirrel Mail Problem

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This morning I found that I can neither Compose nor Reply through Squirrel Mail. In either case I get the following error:

Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

Server replied: 550 Host server8.totalchoicehosting.com (www.domain.com) []is not permitted

to relay through server8.totalchoicehosting.com.

Perhaps you have not logged into the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes.

You may also have been rejected because your ip address

does not have a reverse DNS entry.

relaying to <person@address> prohibited by administrator

Yesterday I was able to send quite happily. I'd be surprised to learn that anything has changed at TCH or with Squirrel Mail itself. And BTW I can read my mail fine.


Yesterday was the official switch-over for those of us connected to the net via ATTBI broadband, now COMCAST. They messed up my Outlook Express settings, requiring a re-setting of parameters so I can access my TCH POP accounts that way. That's now working. I didn't think they could mess up my web-mail access though. Head Bash


Are there any other COMCAST victims out there who've experienced this problem? Any insight will be much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance


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