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Html And Firefox


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Now that I am using Firefox as my primary browser, I am learning some new differences between it and IE.


I set up auctions on eBay and notice that the HTML I have been using works great for IE on eBay, but if I use the Firefox browser and go onto eBay, lots of my code appears off center.


I am assuming I need to learn better code, and so I went onto mozilla and checked out some of the aspects of their HTML editor and it appears to be in another type of markup.


So my question is this: Am I going nuts?


I have used AceHTML for nearly 2 years and it matches well with IE. If AceHTML shows the tables centered and the text centered, and when I load it onto ebay, with IE all is well, then what do I have to do to make it right in Firefox? Does AceHTML address the characteristics in Firefox? Perhaps my code could be brought up to a better level. Perhaps there is another HTML editor that will work differently. I like AceHTML because it bas a viewer.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.





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Ah, yes...welcome to the world of HTML Standards and Microsoft Standards! It does make things a bit hard doesn't it? :)


I use this page to make sure any HTML I write complies with HTML standards. Generally, (key word here is "generally") everything lines up ok. You may have to do a few tweaks with CSS pages, tho'. I'm sure there are other family members who can offer up many other suggestions, so we'll see!


You can also get a Firefox HTML Validation extension that you can use in your browser.

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You aren't going nuts. Everyone deals with the old IE vs. Everyone Else display problems.


Internet Explorer doesn't follow web standards and Mozilla browsers do, so the same bit of HTML code will look different in each of the browsers. It's not Firefox's problem; it's IE's fault for not playing by the rules.


I can't speak to AceHTML; I've never used it. But it sounds like it codes to make a site look good in IE, so you'll probably always have problems with Firefox and that editor. I haven't used WYSIWYG editors in so long, I can't even recommend a good alternative; sorry.


The ideal solution, of course, is to learn HTML and CSS on your own. A good tutorial or book will teach you how IE and Mozilla are different while you learn the HTML and CSS, so that as you go you learn how to fix these problems. It'll take time, but if you enjoy designing websites, it'll be well worth it.


stevevan's advice is good, too: validate your HTML after you finish the page in AceHTML. That will help limit some display problems, and it's good design practice.


Without knowing what your code looks like, I can't offer any specific advice on fixing the centering on your pages. Centering IS one of the things I've noticed IE and Firefox tend to disagree about, so I'm not surprised you're noticing a difference. You might try Googling for information on centered tables, Firefox, and IE--this is a common enough problem that you might find a page that already addresses the issue. Or if you let us know where your page is located, someone here might be able to offer specific suggestions--I can try if I don't get bogged down in work the next few days.

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