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Where Are Your Data Centers?

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We have servers in datacenters in Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia and Texas. We colocate in multiple datacenters for a very simple reason. That reasons being - If we had all our servers in lets say nac.net and that data center caught on fire then we would have THOUSANDS of customers down. Makes no sense.


So what we do is choose the best datacenters around and colocate our own servers there. Basicly we buy or build the servers, ship them to the datacenter, rent rack space and the datacenter simply plugs them in for us. Then if a hardware issue occurs, sometimes the datacenter takes care of it for us, however in most cases I employ one full time tech person per datacenter to monitor and take care of hardware. Its a perfect solution. So that is why we have never had all our servers down at once, like the other hosting companies.


What is colocation?



Where are the data centers? http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3846

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