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Can I Stop Horde From Hoarding My Password?

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When I log into my webmail using Horde, I first get the browser-based popup asking for name and password, and then the main Horde page appears to fill those same values into another page that I have to click OK on. The trouble is, if I log out, I'm just taken back to the page that has all my personal info filled in already! Not much of a logout, is it? Furthermore, if I created that browser window originally by using, say, Ctrl-N to make a new window (rather than a new instance of the browser process), then even if I close that window, and use Ctrl-N to make a new browser window, it seems to remember all my info when I go back to the webmail login. I actually have to kill the whole browser process to make it forget. Am I doing something wrong? If I'm at an internet cafe, I want to make really sure I'm logged out and that people can't sniff around in the browser history or something to just log back in as me.


I played with NeoMail and SquirrelMail, which don't seem to have this same problem, but I like the Horde interface better. Any suggestions? Thanks!



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I do have a bit of advice. You can use put the script that Rick and HG edited for us somewhere on your site, and log in using it. When you exit, the page that you see shows no info, just a line that says you have logged out, and click here to log back in. The script you can see in use HERE . Log in demo...pw demo...


The script can be found HERE Right now it's been set up to use Neo Mail, but I'm sure it could be tailored to your needs...


Hope this helps...



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Hello all,


I downloaded and saved the Horde email script to my site, and it only seems to work in Netscape. In IE, I have to remove the "+zoblue.com" from the user name in the prompt and enter my password, and I have to do that entire process FOUR TIMES Head Bash Then it lets me in to the horde interface. If I leave the "+zoblue.com", then entering my password is no good, after several tries, it says Access Denied. In Netscape, the script works just fine. ;)


I only added CSS and images to the code. Please check the source of the page:

email page on my site


and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, or if IE is just buggin'. Also: it still doesn't log me out completely, in terms of not having the user name and password filled in.


thanks in advance,


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