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...a Guide To Set Up An E-mail Group


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Hi everyone,


I'm lloking for some sort of walk-through guide on setting up an e-mail group (private mailing list). I'd like it to work so that when someone with an e-mail account from my domain sends a message to a given e-mail address (say, list@****), the message gets forwarded to everyone who has an e-mail account in that domain. I'd also like to filter out all messages that aren't from a member of the list/domain, that sort of thing (think Yahoo!Groups etc.)


If anyone knows a link or a help guide (here at TCH or outside) please let me know



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You can use a program like Dada Mail or PhPList (found in Fantastico).


You are looking for mailing list software an either of these will do what you are asking for.


Thanks Bruce.


Do you know if any of these support PGP encryption of messages going through the list? The idea is that the whole group have each other's public keys and the list key as well, so that all mail gets encrypted either by the sender or by the "list" when it forwards the messages.

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I installed and checked PHP-List but it looks like a mailing-list only script (in that users subscribe to receive newsletters, not where they joing an e-group).


Besides it's got more options than I need right now - I'd like to set things up myself without end-user input. The idea is that the group should only contain members of our domain, without any public interface that can be indexed by google or something (or we might end up having new subscriptions). Also, an end-user interface may cause confusion.


My need is a simple script for setting up an e-group (by the site admin) and designating an address that relays messages sent to it to all group members (filtering out messages sent from non-members of course).


I'll keep looking though. Thanks for the info!

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Could you just use the mailing list feature? I only just noticed it was there. Go to the mail icon in cpanel and then click the mailing list link.


Good Luck. I am trying to do the same thing, and am going to explore this option more. Let me know if you find other alternatives.



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