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Tft Trouble


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ok those of you who know what the "wavy text" html code looks like... this is what im expereincing, my TFT monitor is shaking, it isnt as first suspected overheat, as its been off for 13 hrs (On standby will that count?)

power lead is in, D plug on the Tower is in, violence the usual answer (hitting the screen ;) ) aint worked


what an cause this shakign screen things, any ideas, its only a few months old.


thanks in advance peeps :)

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could it be the really humid weather, we had red hot weather than "a british summer" (rain and coldness ;) )

then its hot again.


ill double check the wires but im sure thats not it as ive checked. but as they say check and check again :)

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... violence the usual answer (hitting the screen ;) ) aint worked

Try a larger hammer? :)


Seriously, I'd get a monitor, as Bruce suggested to narrow down card or monitor. If it's the monitor, I'd take it back (hopefully it's still under some type of warranty).

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ok :) this is going to sound so so so stupid. its 0545 here and i woke up and went "hertz" change it, so from 60hz to 75hz and the lines have gone!


i woke up from sleep and dreaming to figure it out, i dont know why it suddenly all started acting funny, but panic over for now...


the mind boggles ;)

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its the graphics card, just thought id update and close my query :)

only thing is its onboard graphics, so the fact that it's part of the pc so to speak is quiet worrying, so until i get a new pc its bad news, and i have no money :(


i plugged my TFT into my laptop and ran a extended desktop, and all colours and resouloutions were beautiful.


ill have to open the PC up and maybe its possible to add a new graphics card if the slot is free, (im sure im full up though)

is it worth upgrading to a new pc, 1.2ghz 512mb 200gb 32 graphics,

im just using it for photoshopping general multimedia and "Messing round"

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