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At The Box Office

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Over the past few days i have been at the cinmea loads, and it hasnt cost me a single penny, (because i get free unlimited cinema tickets :tchrocks: )

and i thought it would be nice (if allowed) to add a little movie thoughts and reviews topic to the open discussion forum.


so far i have seen

You me and dupree, Severance, The Senital (sp) and at your door (sneak preview tonight) tomorrow night i get to see the Talledega Niggts 2 days early.

in aware a few of these have been out for a while in the US, but we get them later in the uk, not by much now thankfully.


so really prupose of this topic is to reccomend fellow TCH family members whats hot and whats not at the box office, i work on on, so have a vague idea :)


ny 2 fave out of ny list are

Severance - about a team building excersise from an office, they are sent to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to do some basic team building, being the brits they are, they get lost, we're good at doing that :P

they find a shack and assume its the one they are at, but its not, there is a mad group of what i believed to be russian ex soldiers out to get them, by now this sounds like a slasher horror movie, but at appropiate times it has very humerous moments in, so think of how shaun of the dead nade a horror comedy.

it really is worth seeinf if you can :)


at your door, seen this 4 days earlier than its UK release, and wow! its a powerful film, a "dirty bomb" series of attacks happens in LA, and it shows how one man franticly tries to get contact with his wife whatever that may involve, it shows how electricity grids are paralysed as well as the phones gridlocked, and how he has to chose between keeping himself "clean" or letting his contaminated wife back in the house.

you think you have the story covered in your head, but believe me, a newspaper says "with an unexpeted final twist" and wow!!!! believe me it had me out of my seat in disbelief.

the first part of the movie is slow, but i think this is deliberate to emphasise how confusing and few and far between news of the event leaks out to civillians, this is one to watch!



hope you have enjoyed my little reviews :) ill add to them the more i see :) i hope other people will add too, you are all more than welcome

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