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Server Changes - Broken Script - Poor Support


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Hi, I have been a TCH customer for a while now with several accounts and never had much issues but a couple days ago one of my scripts stopped working. Thinking maybe it was me I took it down, reinstalled and still got the same error so I decided to ask TCH support for some help. Here is that conversation which lead me to posting here in the "open discussion" forum, the spot I am told to get help for my script problem....... (I am thomas and Alex is TCH Live Support in the conversation below)


thomas: Hi Alex


Alex: Hi Thomas


thomas: I was using a script on one of my domains that would help setup wordpress blogs and it just stopped working.


thomas: Wondering if yo uguys changed something


thomas: I get a connection was reset error


Alex: May I know wich script is using for that


thomas: what do you mean? what do you need? domain, dir?


Alex: Domain and the script name


thomas: mysite-removed-from-public-view.com and the script runs from a admin panel so you wont be able to access it


thomas: do you need more info?


Alex: is the script is working on any specific port ?


thomas: um not sure I dod not write it...I can see if I can figure it out


thomas: you guys start blocking some new ports in the last couple days?


Alex: yes, that is only change made on the servers


thomas: ok will you be able to open them for me or will the script need to be changed if I determine that is the cause?


Alex: If it is not a hramful port, we can consider that,


Alex: nope


thomas: ok can you tell me which ports where blocked so I can speak with the author of the script about it


Alex: sorry, wrong window


thomas: np


thomas: port 80 one of them?


Alex: port 80 is always open, it is apachecport


thomas: how about 443


thomas: i am just going through the code :lol:


Alex: checking,


Alex: domain is


thomas: k and i see 8080 and 80


thomas: mysite-removed-from-public-view.com


Alex: ok, the port 80/8080 opened


thomas: cool one sec let me try it


thomas: nope still an instant "the connection was reset" error


thomas: is 443 open?


Alex: 443 is open


thomas: hmm anything else you can think of that could be going on......weird it just stopped working.....guessing it is someting changed oin your side


thomas: what ports where closed?


thomas: how about 110?


thomas: and 33


thomas: ?


Alex: port 110 is opened. Please make user that on which port the script is working


thomas: sorry dont understand?


thomas: was 110 already open or did you just open it?


Alex: port 110 is the pop3 prt and it is alrady open. Please make sure that on which port the script is working


thomas: yea i went through all the code...the only other port mentioned is 33


thomas: is it open?


Alex: it is not opened


thomas: can it be


thomas: must be it


Alex: shall I confirm that the port you needed is 33 ?


thomas: yes


thomas: seems to be the case


thomas: was it recently closed?


Alex: please test noe


Alex: * now


thomas: ok 1 sec...thx


thomas: nope same error


thomas: sure nothing else changed over there....I dont see any other ports in the code


thomas: was running fine and it runs fine on other hosts so......


Alex: where is the location of the script


thomas: WPMAn


thomas: is the dir


thomas: can you monitor the script as I execute it to see where it stops?


Alex: script name?


thomas: well its a bunch of them, not sure which one is called when it breaks....admin.php possibly


thomas: can you just watch the script execute?


Alex: ok, user/pwd plz


thomas: for the script or my site?


Alex: for accessing the WPmanager


thomas: i can give it to you but there are a ton of options you owuld need to read the manual to test it probably


thomas: cant i just run the test


Alex: pk, you do one thing


Alex: please post the issue on our family forums at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/


Alex: there you can get the 3rd party software support


thomas: ok is it possible for you to give me a list of ports that where closed in the last 2 days as well as any other changes?


Alex: I am sorry


thomas: is it just not available or against policy to tell me?


Alex: the list of closed ports cannot be given due to security issues


thomas: but nothing else changed right? I just want to make sure I should just be looking for port errors.


Alex: it may be some thing other than port . please post the issue on our family forums at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/ , there you can get the 3rd party software support


Alex: Thanks


thomas: ok thanks...the response time fast there? I need this fixed asap or I will just need to move all my sites to another host.....wish you guys would notify us of changes to the servers


thomas: response time in the forum quick? less then a couple hours?


Alex: of course


thomas: where is 3rd party support....dont see it


Alex: you can post in open discussions


thomas: are you kidding.....this is pretty bad support you know.....45 minutes to be refered to your forum


thomas: there a manager?


Alex: I am sorry, I have chcked all the possibiities to resolve this. Even thoiugh this help desk is not providing support for 3rd party software/scripts


Alex: Manager is not available right now


thomas: yea not blaming you just saying its kind of stupid.....you have been helpful


thomas: going to post my script problem next to "For those interested Steve Erwin is dead" .... hahaa almost laughable




So anyone have an answer to fix this issue?

Know what could of changed on the server so I can work out a fix?

What do I need to provide to get help?

Is this really the right place to get help with this?

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I do not use WP, but many folks at TCH do. One will be along soon I hope to assist. (moved your thread for better organization).


TCH hosting can provide support on issues related to your account and the software/hardware used to maintain your account. But please know that the ticket system can provide no support for installed scripts. It's not designed to do that. Your post clearly shows that Alex was trying to assist, even though it is a 3rd party script that is not working...I thought he was doing a good job of helping you to diagnose and doesn't deserve the bad rap. I know when something stops working it is very frustrating!!


Alex was right, these forums are the best place to come for user to user assistance on installed scripts. Sometimes the best source for assistance is the author of the script, or the site where it was downloaded/purchased. You might seek that while you wait for someone to find this thread. :lol:


And support was correct about not providing a port list to you, even though your request came from a concern on a legit issue. Goes back to security. Better to find out what part of the script is not working....


I was using a script on one of my domains that would help setup wordpress blogs and it just stopped working


1) When was the script installed? Has it been working?

2) When did it fail? (do you have a date/time)

3) Have you recently updated your WP? Any new patches, etc that could be interfering with the script?

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