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How Do I Change Permissions?

Usually when you hear about changing the permissions or to CHMOD something, it means that you are changing how yourself and others can access the script, file or folder. Generally it is broken up into three parts:


Reading Ability - Gives them the ability to read the file


Writing Ability - Gives them the ability to write to the file


Execution Ability - Gives them the ability to execute the file


On the other side you have the choice to assign this to a specific group of three:


Owner - Public - Group


For the most part when you are doing these types of actions, the instructions for the file or script will let you know what permissions to assign for the file, folder, or script.


How do you change the permissions? You can do this through your FTP client. For an example, in SmartFTP, once you are logged in, and into your "public_html" folder all you need to do is right-click the folder or file you wish to change the permission of and go down to "Properties/CHMOD".


OK - I understood very little of this, but there were enough familiar phrases for me to suspect that some answers to some questions would be here....


Question 1: I want to give administrative access to some more tech savvy folks than myself. Only - the tech support people said one user per cPanel. They also said something about FTP, but I ignored it since I had no idea what that had to do with anything. Now it looks like maybe giving someone ftp access IS giving them admin access. How would you go about assigning technical administrators to a website?


Question 2: I installed the SMF forum script on my subdomain, and then got messages telling me to upgrade from version 1.05 to version 1.08. When I attempted to do that this is what I got:



Some of the files this package needs to modify are not writable. This needs to be changed by logging into FTP and chmoding the files.


It then asks me for FTP server, password, etc. Here's the set up:


FTP Server: LocalHost

Port: **

Username: _________

Password: ________________

Local path to SMF: /public_html/realm


OK... so here's the problem. I've plunked in my username & password, changed "Local Host" to my domain name (as per my support folks) and it keeps coming right back to this screen.


Which password is it looking for? My control panel password, or my SMF admin password? How do I know if it finished "chmoding" or not?


And... what the heck is "chmoding"??? It looks like its asking me to change permissions... but... ?



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Your username and password should be the same as your cpanel login.


Chmodding it the process of changing the permissions of one file or folder to another set of permissions.


E.g. 777 is the setting for reading / writing and excution of all 3 groups, not a good setting to have, but sometimes nessacary.


The instructions on the upgrade should tell you what files need changing permissions.



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You can setup an ftp account for someone

and give them access to your public_html folder by setting the ftp folder to /

Then when they are done, you can delete that ftp account.

They will not be able to go above the public_html folder.


But if the only need access to a folder

then set that as their ftp folder and they will not be able to go above that folder.

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