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What Happened To The Spam?


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So I changed hosts to TCH and now I am not getting spam anymore. Is it possible they were somehow spamming the actual servers at my hold host rather than my e-mail address? Or does TCH have some kind of spam filter set up? My spamassassin is off, and I haven't gotten a single spam e-mail in over 48 hours.


I'm not complaining, but I AM curious...


OK fine I still got 1 or 2 yesterday but compared to the 10-20 I was getting before, that's nothing! :)

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It could be they were targeting accounts on the old host by brute force. aaaaa@oldhost.com aaaab@oldhost.com aaaac@... Or if your email at the old host was made public (for instance on a web page) they'll catch up as Steve said.

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