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Hotlink Protection And Streaming Video


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Posting it here since it didn't really fit into any of the other categories.


I want to be able to enable hotlink protection on 2 wmv files on my site, but I also need to be able to stream them from the main pages of the site (basically the purpose of my site, to show my video). When I enable hotlink protection for wmv files, the streaming video will not load. I do have my domain listed in the allowed domains, but it still does not work correctly.


I am using an embedded windows media player to stream the videos. They work fine without the hotlink protection but not with. If anyone has run into issues like this, assistance would be appreciated.

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Hello Nossy and Welcome to the forums,


Its nearly impossible to stop hotlinking for WMV as the windows media player which most people use to play it does not send out headers which is what htaccess uses to stop people hotlinking with. Its the reason why many people have turned to flash to load and play thier videos. I am sure if you have a quick google, someone will be able to provide a free flash movie player which will get around your hotlinking problem (remember to name the video something really bizarre so that people don't guess its filename!)



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