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Comcast Forwards Policy


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Due to the increase in complaints, effective August 26, 2006, we will no longer allow forwards from TotalChoice accounts to Comcast accounts.


Forwards to Comcast accounts have resulted in several blacklisted servers over the past two months. Often times a server is blacklisted by Comcast because their system doesn’t make any distinction between forwarded mail and mail sent directly to a Comcast address.


We have worked with Comcast's Customer Security Assurance department to resolve this issue. They have requested that Comcast subscribers keep their TotalChoice email separate from their Comcast email by not forwarding from TotalChoice to Comcast.


Fighting SPAM and keeping our servers off of any blacklists is a never ending battle. We understand that some of our customers wont be very happy with this choice but we feel it is in the best interest of TCH and our servers, and will help us to continue to provide the best service we possibly can.


Thank you for your continued support

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