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Fantastico And Previous Phpbb Installs


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Okay, so I have a question. If things are still in the process of being moved around or readjusted, just tell me to hang on and wait.


Previously, phpbb was installed from another place in the CPanel - an addon script library or something, I think. And you were able to modify/update/delete those installs from the same place.


Now, all of that has been transferred to Fantastico, because they are better at keeping the updates updated (so I hear.)


My current installations of phpbb do not show up in the Fantastico menu, when I click on phpbb2. It tells me I have no current installations, which I know to be untrue.


I guess, my question is, is that because the current installs are not the same version as what's in Fantastico (2.0.21)? I can do the updates myself, it's no big. I'm just curious abotu that.

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