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Unable To View Ticket Status

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I submitted a ticket last night that my website was down because I'd installed SMF in the root directory and apparently the software messed with my htaccess file. I've deleted a whole slew of htaccess files, and the last one I'm afraid to delete because I'm not sure what will happen. The first ticket didn't show up when I went to the ticket status. So I thought maybe I didn't submit. I then submitted another ticket, it's not showing up either.


I went into cpanel to redirect, but the redirect didn't work either.


SMF used monicaburns.com for my bulleting board


and it made monicaburns.com/index.htm as my website.


That's going to totally screw people up if they type in just the domain. I've got a book hitting the shelves in a few days with a contest running ads everywhere and to say I'm in a panic without folks being able to get to my website is an understatement.


Can someone please give me some suggestions that will restore my site? I was all set up with IPB and apparently that's been discountinued as a feature and was replaced with SMF.



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Thank you, THANK YOU!! The site's back up now! I tried to review the ticket via the link you so kindly provided, but it wouldn't take my key...and I'm guessing the key is the ticket number. Is this correct?


You're the best Bruce, you always know how to make my day better with your wonderful assistance.





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