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How Does Email Work?


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I've been wanting to ask this question without sounding like I have no clue how computers work.


If I send an email from one email account to another on the same server is it more secure than if I send it from one server to another?



From: bob@server.com To: jon@server.com




From: bob@server.com To: jon@differentserver.com


I've just been wondering about this the past couple of days.



Thanks in advanced!

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How email works


Of course mail staying on the same server would have less of a chance to be sniffed out but it's still possible.


Personally I am not paranoid enough to worry about my email being read by someone somewhere along the line. I never send anything confidential that I would worry about being intercepted.

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Sniffing is not the only way email is intercepted, there are easier ways to get others mail. Keep as secure a password as possible and change it regularly. Do not Leave your email program open when you leave the computer, anyone can sit down and read it easily. Also do not set the program to "remember" the password when you start it up. Yes its easier this way but its like leaving your front door open.

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