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My Computer


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A friend sent me this one. Neither of us wrote it, but I felt I wanted to share it since I think many of us can recognise ourselves in it.



My Computer


I am just a young boy

but my computer is my world.

I sit in my room, by its side from day until night

Reading everything it has to show me


Addicting some people say

But what's better than having the whole world at your finger tip

It's got a calculator, dictionary's, every textbook, and everything is just a click away

Email is now as simple as making a phone call

I am just a young boy

But my computer is my world


Virtual games are fun to play

and you learn things along the way

It's not a waste of time as some people say

My computer is my world


I tell my self at night, not to much longer

Somehow I manage to keep lying to myself

Five minutes turns into ten than a half an hour

But my computer is worth my time

Although, I'm just a young boy

my computer is my world

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