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Missing Email From Inbox

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Twice in the past 2 or 3 weeks, my wife has had all of the email in her inbox disappear. She uses Squirrel mail to check her email and nothing else. I did check Outlook and Outlook Express to make sure, and none of her email is in there. Is there some sort of new setting that purges email from the inbox? I have never had this happen to my email account, but I also don't keep email in my inbox normally.





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Try going into HORDE to see if you can locate the emails in a different folder (happened to me once a while back). You may have more than one inbox in there. Horde also has a calendar and other functions that Squirrelmail does not offer.


Since she only uses Squirrelmail, why did you check Outlook and Outlook Express? If you have accessed her account with those programs you will need to leave the option checked to LEAVE MAIL ON SERVER so she can see the mail later on the web mail (Horder or Squirrelmail) of her choice. Otherwise your PC program would have cleared the contents and could have put the messages into the DELETED or SPAM or JUNK folder within Outlook/Outlook Express or into another identity (if you have a second one set up).


I know of no settings or changes to Squirrelmail that would have caused the problem.

Doubt anyone has accessed your email but you may consider changing your password (mix alpha numeric and no words in the dictionary for best results).

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