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Changing Computers

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Hey everybody.


I've been gone for a week or so from the forums. I was off last week on vacation (well, the first part was vacation for a family reunion; the second part was moving -- not very relaxing :) ).


If you have seen my blog recently, you'll notice that I have accepted a position with a new company. In two weeks I start at the new place.


I'm going to have to rid my work computer of all my personal files. There are a ton of personal word processing files, photos, etc. that I want to take with me. In addition, while I was working here, I brought in a large portion of my CD collection and ripped the songs as MP3 files on my work machine. I ended up with about 16 GB of music files that I don't have in MP3 format anywhere else, so I'm going to have to move them off my work computer somehow. My work machine doesn't have a DVD burner (or even a CD burner, for that matter), so I'm stuck with what I can connect via USB.


I was able to talk my wife into an iPod for this purpose. :) I bought the 60 GB video iPod.


Now I want your advice. I need to know what pitfalls I'm going to encounter while trying to back up all my data. Storage space on the iPod is much greater than I need, so that shoudln't be a problem.


What should I think about in addition to the obvious music, Word, and photo files?


Any suggestions on porting my Firefox installation/themes/extensions/stored passwords to the iPod storage space so I don't lose them?


Other thoughts on how to clean my personal information off the work computer when I go so I don't leave anything behind?


My machine is a Win XP box, and I have administrator access, so I can do pretty much whatever I need to do.


Thanks for your help.

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You can copy the profile folder of your Firefox and that will be all you need to use it elsewhere. You can even get a copy of portable Firefox and copy your profile to it for use.


To rid the machine of your files. I suggest a freeware app called Simple File Shredder.


Oh, and congrats on the new job and house!

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Well Paul, once you are sure you have gotten all the files you want I would suggest fdisk and deleting all partitions and restoring back to factory default. Now I don't know what you have access to or even if you are allowed to do that...but it sounds like you put a lot of personal stuff on that machine and you would be safer making sure no one can get ahold it after you've left.

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I generally store all of my files in the My Documents series of folders and just copy that folder over to an external drive. The IPod should work fine as an external drive.


Congrats on the new job. My son's degree is in technical writing and he has just started working in a company in the DC area that sounds like a similar situation as the one you described on your blog. He is loving it.


In two weeks I start back at school so sometime between now and then I have to reformat 15 or so laptops for new teachers that are coming in. :)

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Congrats on the new job Paul.


The iPod is a pretty good idea, nice scam on the wife there. In addition to your Firefox profile folder, it's not a bad idea to run through everything else under Documents and Settings and Program Files to see if there are any other miscellaneous settings folders you might want. Hopefully everything else you have is stored neatly in one folder, such as My Documents or a network drive. 60GB is a lot of space if you're only using 16GB for music, so better to take too much than not enough. With 10 more days until you're done, you could make multiple trips to grab everything and sort it at home.


The last job I left gave me a laptop that I used for four years. Before I turned it in I formatted the drive and used a shredder as Bruce suggested to overwrite all the little bits and bytes to make sure nothing could be easily recovered, and the company got a blank laptop back. Granted it was a small company and I was friendly with the IT guy, so no big deal. Your mileage may vary.

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What about an external hard disk with USB? (Just a thought.) I've gone out and bought one that I use with my work computer (government...so you know how THEY are!). I store all of my personal stuff on it. That way, there is minimal cleaning on the computer hard drive that I would have to do.

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Congratulations on the new job and home! Hope the transition is easy for you.


If you use any standard programs that you will be using at the new location and like to customize your work environment (ex: in word, excel, etc) consider exporting/saving your macros in the VB Modules and/or toolbar settings when possible so you can set up faster at the new location. Note: DON'T use the Save your Settings Wizard for MS Office to do this. If you try to load those settings onto another machine, you will load the serial number and settings from your old office machine onto your new office machine and cause havoc. I did it by accident! (Had 2 copies of the saved settings, office and work, and loaded the WRONG ONE into my home machine on reload and had to get MS involved to undo it fully :))

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Ok. So new question.


I love my iPod. I've organized my music, subscribed to more podcasts, created playlists, etc.


Now I want to know if any of you have any experience copying an iTunes profile from one computer to another. I would love to keep all my settings and podcast subscriptions, etc.


Any thoughts on how I might do this?


Or do I simply make a list and remake the settings manually when I get my new computer?


Thanks in advance.

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