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Wasn't sure where exactly to put this in the forum... but take a look if you will;


I'm having some trouble getting xml+css to display properly in FF/Moz/Opera. This was an assignment I had turned in 4 or 5 weeks ago for a beginning xml class that I looked at today, for the first time, in something other than IE6.


Heres the links:




It looks the way I wanted in IE, but in FF/Moz it doesnt and especially not in Opera.


The only thing I can think of is that they are having problems with either the floats or the clear:both;

There wern't to be any changes to the xml file, just the css one.


Any ideas?

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I don't have IE handy to see what it's supposed to look like, but I'm guessing lineation is an issue. It looks like Firefox is treating the XML tags as inline elements rather than block elements, and the two don't behave the same (I don't believe FF will "clear" an inline element, for example). Specify in the CSS that the XML tags should be displayed as block elements and the lineation should sort itself out.

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