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Unmetered Bandwidth For Podcasting

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Based on the high bandwidth issues associated with podcasting I've become curious about the 'economics' of webhosting. I'm wondering how companies like libsyn and audioblog can offer 'unlimited' bandwidth at around $5 per month? Is there a comparable plan here at TCH? I'm trying to figure out the best strategy for hosting and delivering my mp3 content in preparation for a successful podcast.


Any feedback and/or experience is much appreciated!



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TCH-Tim is correct, they bet on people not using it all and if you do, the cut happenes.


It also can cause huge problems with server loads and if someone hogs all the bandwidth, there might not be enough for the other customers, and at TCH we like all customers to be treated the same, high excellant standard we set ourselves.



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Yes if you used a high amount of bandwidth monthly you would soon get a nasty email. The same could be said about Gmail. Do you really think they give every user 2.7 GB of space? If every user used even 1.5GB I think Google would soon start changing their tune.

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