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Cpanel Scripts Library


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Effective immediately (as we push out the change) we will no longer be providing access to the cPanel scripts library and other scripts that cPanel provides. Add-on scripts will be offered only through Fantastico. We have been providing Fantastico for several months now and feel that it has a better selection of scripts and does a better job of providing updates to those scripts. All of the scripts offered through the cPanel scripts library either exist in Fantastico as well, or a similar script is offered. Maintaining two different but similar scripts libraries just does not make much sense anymore.


If you have scripts installed through the scripts library they will continue to work without issue - you will just not be able to remove them or upgrade them through cPanel. Future upgrades or removal will need to be done manually. This process varies by script, but there is plenty of help here in the TCH forums for whatever task it is you need to take on.


Some users may notice that the removal of the cPanel scripts library also means the removal of one-click phpBB installation as we don't offer phpBB through Fantastico. phpBB is a constant target of unsavory types and updates are constantly being released. Neither cPanel nor Fantastico release updates to phpBB fast enough and it is our feeling that phpBB installations need to be updated with the latest security patches immediately after their release. We are asking site administrators to take responsibility for their phpBB installations and upgrade as updates are released.


If you don´t know how to maintain your phpBB forum, or you just don't want to do it manually, may we suggest that you convert to SMF which is upgraded easily through the one-click install in the SMF admin area. You can install SMF through Fantastico, and converting your phpBB board to SMF can be done using the converter found here.


Of course if you ever need any help updating or installing your scripts, the forums are here for exactly that purpose. We have plenty of friendly people ready to help, so by no means should you feel that you are being left in the dark with this move.

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