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Links From An External Page Spam


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Any tips on how to get rid of the junk that's cluttering up my

Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)


statistics in awstats?


Here's my top 5 or so..


>http://68644.forum.onetwomax.de/selskin=0	187	3.8 %	187	3.4 %
http://bandrakon.evergore.com/duelview.php	78	1.6 %	78	1.4 %
http://phentermine.ltxt.com	71	1.4 %	71	1.3 %
http://www.getinternetcasinos.com	61	1.2 %	61	1.1 %
http://www.forpartypoker.com	58	1.1 %	58	1 %


I don't run a poker related site...

It's obvious I'm being spammed in some way back to my site... and polluting my legit Links from an external page stats... but I don't know how to stop it.



Any tips?

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Just an FYI, I think they are trying to game some search engines by linking to highly-ranked sites (which means you must run a decent site :) ).


I see it every now and then - usually poker sites. They will try to ping or get a comment in on my site (most likely it's automated) - some site software allows for people to ping/trackback to you, and unfortunately, unless you are willing to sort it all yourself to make sure you get only legit responses, it's best to disable it.

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