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How To Track Referrer Spam On A Webhost

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I was wondering, since you guys are so good at what you're doing, if you know how to track referrer spam on a virtual webhost server? From the perspective of support/technical personell, I mean?


Scenario: I complained to another webhost that I was referrer spammed from their box. They initially tried to find the script responsible, but gave up and null-routed the IP to my server instead.


That got me plenty hot under the collar, since I'm a spam fighter, and they're essentially giving the spammer carte blanche to continue spamming - forever!


So since those guys apparently don't know what they're doing, I thought I'd open up the field and ask you guys, since you appear to be very capable, and run a very tight ship.


You know, they asked me indignantly:


"Do you keep logs of every outbound connection from your server?"


:eek: :D :wallbash:


EDIT: How would you monitor outbound connections, that came from any port, but connected to port 80 on a remote system?

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As Bruce says, the best place to ask this is at the Support Desk.


However, TCH does not tolerate spamming from its own hosted accounts.



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