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Transferring A Domain - Mailserver Issues Possibly?

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This friday I will be moving the domain from our old host to totalchoice where I have set up our new company website. On our old(current) host for the site, we have email addresses with our domain name. IE: nick@XXXXpublishing.com


When I move the domain over the weekend, am I understanding correctly that these email addresses will no longer work because the nameserver for the domain has changed?


Any insight and help in understanding this would be fantastic!



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If I understand you correct, this is true.


As soon the domain have been moved, log in to the cpanel at your TCH account and set up the addresses again, and the email should work.


However, until the move of the domain name is complete you might need to check the email in both new and old location.

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I would set up the email addresses prior to switching the domain over to the TCH servers.


Some of the email after the switch will end up on the old host and some will end up on your new site here at TCH. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure you receive all email.


When I moved our company site to TCH I did the following. I created a new account in my email program for TCH using the IP number given to me in the welcome email for everyone. I also changed my old account to use the IP address my previous host gave me. We received email in both accounts for about a week. When no more email was going to the old host I deleted the account from my email program.


I could have set up forwards to an external account not associated with our domain.

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I am not a zone guru, but I would suggest just changing the name server. Start changing the zone and things can go wrong. Not saying it will, but with a buisness, I always try to make sure that the customers never see a problem if you can see what I am meaning.


Which ever way you do it, it will take the same time to filter around the world.



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