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Spam Assassin Spam Folders?

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I'm setting up web hosting for my employer, switching our hosting from a terrible company, run by a bunch of yahoos, that will remain nameless. :clapping: One feature of that hosting, though, was simple management of spam.


My boss, the president of our company, needs things to be simple, so I want to give the most simple set of instructions for dealing with spam that I can. We haven't moved our domain name over yet, so I'm only working with our master email account at this point.


I've enabled Spam Assassin and Spam Box, but I'm a bit unclear as to the use of Spam Box. Is there one box for the entire domain, or one box for each email account? Either way, how do I find the Spam Box? I checked with Horde and SquirrelMail and didn't see anything.


I did a search in the forums for SpamAssassin, and I looked at the developers' site, but didn't find what I need (being distracted by lots of other things at work doesn't help). Can anyone provide some basics? Thanks!


Dave Barak


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I don't use the SPAM box but there is 1 for each user. It would be in their folder list under your domain name.


Instead of using the SPAM box why not rewrite the subject of the SPAM email and have your email client filter it. Or will you be using webmail exclusively?


You can also create a filter in cPanel to forward all mail tagged as SPAM to a specific email address.

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Thanks Bruce! (And thanks for getting the post into the correct forum.)


For the most part, our users will be using various email clients -- Outlook and Netscape's email client are the two I can think of offhand. Maybe occasional web-based email, but not often.



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Ok, if you are using an email client and not using IMAP you will not be able to see the SPAM folder unless you access it as an email account.




That's why I recommend that you tag the SPAM and forego the SPAM box.

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The only reason to use the spam box is if you are using webmail and you want the spam sent to a different folder. If you are downloading your mail to a mail client anyway you should go with Bruce's suggestion to rewrite the subject line and filter it at the client - and when you are comfortable with the level you have SpamAssassin set at you could just set it to delete the messages automatically. I have my domains set anywhere from 4 to 6 and it works beautifully.

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