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:clapping: :huh:

I am not sure where to ask this question, but here goes.


If I go to internet explorer and type in "reiki brisbane" to see where I am listed (in yahoo) my site is listed as:


Untitled Document

acupressure: the skeletal structure of Tricia's massage, this Chinese medicine technique utilizes the same points as acupuncture stimulated with thumb pressure to open blocked energy meridians and balance excessive energy flows. In order to ...

www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com - 18k - Cached - More pages from this site - Save


My title is not there, and the description is not mine, though the link goes to my site? :D :group:

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Looks like the Yahoo database goofed because nothing in the coding of the page refers to your site or to your topics. But when you look at the view source of the cached page that they list, it definitely has your website address as the cached site on record.


First time I have seen it! :)

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You may have caught it during an update - it looks fine here now.



Reiki and Seichim Attunements Courses in Australia and Distant attunements


Reiki and Seichim Attunement classes throuout Australia and Distant attunements ... Now taking Bookings for. REIKI & SEICHIM ATTUNEMENT COURSE. 8th and 9th of July ... the opportunity to ask questions. BRISBANE. Now taking Bookings for. REIKI & SEICHIM ATTUNEMENTS Course ...

www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com/htm/attunements_reiki.htm - 16k - Cached - More from this site - Save

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