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I Want To Start A Blog - What Are The Requirements?


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I already have a blog on blogger, but I want to start a vblog on my own site that is hosted with Netfirms.ca - is there anything I need as a requirement to do this? Do I just need to buy some software to make the blog with comments etc? Any free programs out there that might do it for me? Thanks

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If you were hosting with TCH, I'd tell you that we have a control panel add-in called Fantastico that includes one-click installations of various blog software packages. You can even import your blogger posts and comments into the WordPress version.


Since you aren't hosting at TCH, then I can't give you a lot of specifics about what you'd need to do. If your webhost allows you to have access to MySQL databases, and if you can run PHP scripts, then you have what you need to host a WordPress blog. You can get information about downloading and installing WP from the WP website, wordpress.org.


Good luck. And should you need a new web host, I highly recommend TCH. You won't find a better combination of server quality, storage/bandwith space, support, and price. (A word to the wise: any other webhost I've seen that claims to excell in one of these areas only does so at the expense of another area. TCH is the first company that I've found that ties it all into one great package.)


Best wishes.

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I see with the Netfirms Personal Plan you only get 1 MySQL db. For a mere $4 I'll give you all the MySQL dbs you want, give you one-click WordPress install, and host it all on a server with quad Xeon processors. But I digress.


There are plenty of good free blogging platforms out there. WordPress is my favorite - there's also Moveable Type, LifeType, and so on. It really depends what your host can handle and what format you are most comfortable with.


(Side note, I see Netfirms is pushing WP as a CMS in their business plan. Neat.)

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