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Php Writing To A File


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Hi all,


Need some input on where to start with this. I've got a nightly CRON job set up that refers to a PHP file that goes through my database and deletes any entries that are over 10 days old. What I'd like it to do is write to a file how many entries were deleted. I'd like it to append the information to the end of the file so I'd have a running record of what was deleted each night.


Eventually I'd like it to put today's date in the file, the titles of the entries over 10 days old, and then a confirmation line that those were deleted. For instance, I'd like the file to say something like:



Entry Title1

Entry Title2

Entry Title3

Total of 3 entries deleted



Entry Title4

Entry Title5

Total of 2 entries deleted



Entry Title6

Entry Title7

Entry Title8

Entry Title9

Total of 4 entries deleted


I can pull today's date and the entry titles that will be deleted out of the database, and then run the mysql delete command to get rid of them. I mean, I can set up the script to output this information in this format - what I'm not getting is how to send that information to a file. I'm guessing from my research so far I'll need to use fopen() to do it, but the examples I'm finding are WAY too complicated for my pea brain to process. :D


Anyone got a sample SIMPLE fopen() example?

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For what you are wanting to do it use a combination of fopen, fwrite, and fclose.


Here is a very basic example:

>// This example asumes you have whatever you want to be writen to the file in a variable named "$data"
// Also, your target file needs be CHMOD 0777 (or you will get an error back)

// Open Connection to Target File
$handle = fopen("[Filename]", "a");  // the "a" is the mode, a = "open for writing, place start position at END of file

// Write Data to file
fwrite ($handle, $data);  

// Close Connection


Referances for each function:








I hope this helps

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Perfect, thanks! The submitted code bits in the online manual are all waaaaaayyyy more complicated than I needed to get me started, and surprisingly the O'Reilly Programming PHP book doesn't even address fopen except from a security standpoint.


Thanks again for the example! :D

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