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Positioning My Flash!

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Hey guys,


I bought this cool program from Office Max (no really). It's called The Flash Ad Creator. It allows one to insert their own pics and text into flash templates for morons.


See www.gotnick.com.


I want to position my flash in my header, which is a .jpeg photo. I use Frontpage, but I also own the macromedia suite, I just barely know how to use it.


I am currently using an extra layer to insert the flash into the hearder, but different screen resolutions will cause my flash element to move around in the header, since it's not anchored down.


I can't use a frame to position the flash, becuase the flash is over a .jpeg photo. Is it impossible to add flash over a photo or into a header? Do you have a simple solution, oh web gurus?






Nick At Night


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Your already using a div, but using it the wrong way, at present you have:


><div style="position: absolute; .............



><div style="position: relative; align:center;">

(no need for height or sizes here)


Let me know how that goes



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